Feeding the Poor

Feeding India is a not-for-profit social organization working to solve hunger, malnutrition and food wastage in the country. We channelize extra food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, corporate offices to the people who really need it and have no means or access to food. We also serve freshly cooked food or raw grains to our partnered shelter homes and beneficiaries.

Food & Nutrition Security

The World Health Organization considers food and nutrition security a top priority and basic human right. Without adequate food and nutrition, children are unable to reach their full development potential both physically and mentally. Nutrition deficiencies affect more than 2 billion people worldwide, causing a reduction in learning capabilities and livelihood development (WHO). Disease prevention and treatment, as well as ensuring proper nutrition, is critical to ensure adequate cognitive and physical development.

Health & Hygiene

Clean water and sanitation intervention for children and their families is crucial to prevent common illness. A child with a compromised immune system is at greater risk of poor nutritional status and developmental outcomes. Nearly 15,000 children under the age of 5 die every day due to preventable and treatable diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, and malaria, with children under one month accounting for 46% of these deaths (WHO). Proper health for the child during the first 1,000 days —from conception to 2 years — is the most critical window of time to ensure the child develops to his or her potential, thus helping to break the cycle of poverty. When children are guaranteed proper health and sanitation measures, they are able to prevent and fight disease, which enables them to develop both physically and mentally into strong children who become contributing members of their communities.

If people find better ways to earn a living, they have a better chance of moving out of poverty. A simple opportunity for parents to earn a living brings immediate relief, gives a sustaining sense of pride, and can ultimately stop the cycle of poverty for their kids. Economic empowerment can serve as an essential weapon against hunger.

Internationally, Feed the Children implements a Child-Focused Community Development (CFCD) approach, which includes program activities in the areas of food & nutrition, health & water, education, and livelihoods. We work with vulnerable and at-risk children, their caregivers, and communities to cultivate the social, economic, cultural, and environmental conditions needed for families to thrive. Internationally, our goal is to improve the food and nutrition security of mothers and children, which we believe can be achieved when:

Feed the Children’s international staff of more than 600 individuals has a diverse set of skills and expertise that ensure our programs are carried out with great dedication and bring positive impact to the families we serve. Over 98% of our international staff are nationals of the countries where they work, making sure our activities are culturally relevant and appropriate, involve community members as stakeholders, and can be sustained by the community.

We seek relationships with organizations, public and private corporations, foundations, and individuals that share a passion for serving children. Feed the Children strategically engages the local government and community leaders to discuss the true need of the community and to develop a collaborative plan for action. The activities introduced are therefore built on joint participation and combine meeting immediate nutritional, health, and educational needs of children while promoting long-term sustainable change to children, their caregivers and communities.

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